Heinz Junkermann, the road to success


Heinz Junkermann stands out among the most successful, yet least known, businessmen in Germany. Born in Frankfurt on January 7, 1938, Junkermann founded his own private banking institution which he managed for clients from various European countries. His interests, however, included other sectors, such as real estate and jewelry. Junkermann was managing director of the real estate company IFG Gesellschaft für Immobilienbesitz mbH and of the jewelry company Schmuck-Kassette GmbH.

A versatile and well-rounded entrepreneur, who mainly operated in Düsseldorf (where he passed away in 2011), Heinz Junkermann was a member of the committee of the Prinzengarde Düsseldorf Blau-Weiss, the largest carnival company of the city, and was also a member of Rotary International.

Junkermann was married to Ingrid Junkermann and was the father of international entrepreneur and investor Nicole Junkermann (born April 27, 1980), founder of NJF Holdings. Nicole, in the rare interviews she gives to the media, always remembers her parents, to whom she acknowledges the merit of having involved her in their commercial interests from a young age. While still a teenager, Nicole, fluent in five languages, attended Heinz’s business meetings as a translator. A long apprenticeship that contributed to her success. Just like her father, Nicole has an analytical side, but also an adventurous spirit that allows her to bet on disparate industries, from digital innovation to experimental technology applied to medicine and education. A female entrepreneur interested in businesses that bring revolutionary ideas.

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