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Heinz Junkermann, the road to success

Heinz Junkermann stands out among the most successful, yet least known, businessmen in Germany. Born in Frankfurt on January 7, 1938, Junkermann founded his own private banking institution which he managed for clients from various European countries. His interests, however, included other sectors, such as real estate and jewelry. Junkermann was managing director of the […]

Believing in technology: Nicole Junkermann

Nicole Junkermann is a believer. A believer in digital innovation, experimental technology, artificial intelligence. To sum up, a believer in the future. German-born (April 27, 1980),  London-based, daughter of the late businessman Heinz Junkermann, Nicole is an entrepreneur, investor and business leader focused primarily on the crossover between the media and technology sectors. She is […]

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